24 Aug 2014

Boise State Back to School Night at Fred Meyer

This year was another great year at Fred Meyer for their Back to School Night.  There were a ton of sponsors and had so much stuff to give away.  The line up to get in was around the building and everyone was talking about the DJ last year, which was me.  They had over 1,600 kids this year and everyone seemed to have a great time.  We did dance competitions, wheel barrel races and trivia.  Some of the give away’s included a $100 gift card, a fridge, and a long board.  When the night ended I the store manager thanked me and said the DJ really made the night.  I appreciate everyone who put this together and look forward to next year.  Once again there’s some great videos on our YouTube Channel.

Boise State FredMeyer Getting into it Boise State FredMeyer Gas Pedal Boise State FredMeyer Dancing Boise State FredMeyer Dance Boise State FredMeyer Having a Blast Boise State FredMeyer Swing Boise State FredMeyer Twerk


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